In the midst of what?


and theology.

We all know what life is, but what is theology?

According, to Stanley J. Grenz, and Roger E. Olson, Theology is “any thinking, reflecting, or contemplating the reality of God.”

I spent four years in Seminary studying theology, God, and what I think we should believe about Him, His creation, His Son, salvation and how we ought to interact as His people inthemidst of a fallen world.

And inthemidst of my studies, I am a wife, mother to two, and am now referred to as a “veteran” public school teacher.  I have learned, with grace, that the real education is found in the kitchen, the classroom, the bedroom, and all the spaces in between. God has placed me in a profession for which I had no formal training, and given me children that each require their own user’s manual….(they were conveniently missing upon their arrival). There is a lot of humor here; laughter and tears and the most real example I know of God’s grace and provision to the undeserving.

I strive to write well.

They say to write what you know.

I know life. I know classrooms and students and I know a little about theology. I write to share the lessons our Lord is teaching me as I stumble through all these facets of  this blessed life. I have learned much about the nature of God and I am trying to apply it all to practical life with transparency and hope.

I hope that you will join me.


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