“Hope is thing with Feathers…”

Tonight is the first night of Advent. I am expectant. Eager. I desperately want to leave 2015 in peace. The peace that comes with coming face to face with the Savior. I want to end this year communing with the Lord. So often the holidays and the impending New Year bring desperation instead of sincere … Continue reading “Hope is thing with Feathers…”

On “29” or my last year in my 20s…..

Today I turned 29. I am in my 20s for only 364 more days.... Early this morning, Gabriella gave me a card on which, she had signed her name. I was serenaded by two classes today. One was full of girls and the melody was harmonious. The second class, dominated by tone-deaf boys, attempted twice to … Continue reading On “29” or my last year in my 20s…..

Pursuit of an Unrelenting Love

Friday was Valentine's Day.  Yep. Again. It comes around every year and I've learned that there is no fence riding on this issue-- you either love it or hate it. You are either one of the thousands that enjoy gushing over your significant other, a crush, a friend, children, the hypothetical imaginary love that you … Continue reading Pursuit of an Unrelenting Love