Figuring it out.

When I was a senior in high school I felt a call into ministry. I was passionate and probably a bit annoying, much as overambitious, uberreligious teenagers usually are. Eight years later and what happened?

Life happened and while I’m a bit road weary, married with two children I am finally in the midst of seminary and a whole whirlwind of crazy at home. Lately I have found a bit of maturity and as a result, I’m also encountering  a crisis of faith. (More on that to come).  What I have decided though, is that figuring it all out isn’t easy and isn’t to be done alone. So as I muddle through what I think of, as the “theology of everyday life”, I am inviting you on the journey.

I don’t promise it will always be profound or even witty, but I do promise transparency and fellowship.

Are you in?

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