Who do you say that I am?

Jesus...looking almost pastoral.

Last year while perusing my favorite variety store, I happened upon the perfect gift for my best friend.  I discovered a magnetic “paper doll” set entitled “What Would Jesus Wear?” I finally got to give it to her  last month, when we met up to spend some time together. Now, I know some of you out there are going to appalled at this, but I thought it was funny. Honestly, I think Jesus would think it was funny too……I mean, he did use sarcasm (Matthew 7:3-5).

We had quite a bit of fun with all of this.

Keeping it classy.....

Now, much of this was in jest….contemplating what He that we call our Christ would think of today’s fashion. Jesus’ wardrobe came complete with a robe and sandals– the traditional garb of our Savior. And I hope that He wasn’t too offended by our sense of humor. However, a few days ago my friend sent me a message; updating me on what Jesus was wearing for that day. I chuckled and as I skimmed through the pictures I’d saved on my phone, I was struck with the reality, that while this was all in jest there seems to be a grain of truth in irreverence.

For example– He who is our SAVIOR often gets thought of as a magician and his role of Intercessor becomes a “get out of jail free” card. Jesus, who is Christ, becomes that “friend” you call on only when you’re in deep trouble. And in our human attempt to understand the inconceivable, Christ’s divinity gets lost in our embracing of His humanity. Like Ricky Bobby and his “six pound, eight ounce baby Jesus,” we choose to envision Jesus as whatever seems comfortable to us. I’m guilty; I most definitely own a trucker hat that says Jesus is my homeboy.

Harry Potter on the brain = Wizard Jesus

I don’t think that we are purposefully being disrespectful or sinful; I simply believe that it is almost impossible to wrap our heads around Christ’s identity….. ( I nearly lost my mind studying the Trinity last semester.) And it seems sad, ironic and a little pathetic that we still struggle with even after having been given all the facts. It’s nothing new, though. The Jewish people had been given countless prophecies foretelling the coming of their Messiah and when he was right in front of them, they couldn’t identify him.

Jesus spoke openly about this with his disciples. Both Matthew (16:13-15) and Mark (8:27-30) recount Jesus inquiring about who the Jews thought He was.  Some said, “John the Baptist,” some said “Elijah,” and some simply said a prophet. How many of you have heard Jesus described as, “a leader,” ” a ideologue” or “a good man” ?

Who is Jesus to you? To me, He’s everything. He is divine: Creator of the Universe, who chose to humble Himself and become a man, one lower in society than you or I could ever dream of being. From there, He defied all authority and called upon us all to follow Him, love all others that we encounter and count all worldly things as loss. He died the most horrid of deaths; through His humanity and divinity, He broke the laws of Heaven and Earth to take the keys to Hell. Through His death we find life. Jesus asks us to accept that gift and love Him. In return He, (the ruler of the cosmos, keeper of the universe’s secrets) loves us unconditionally and saves us from ourselves. He is a warrior that will conquer Evil forever and we look forward to an eternity in Him, with Him in Paradise. …..I can’t wait.

Eloquent….no. A complete summation? Not even close….. but please, take time to pause and remember who your Jesus is. And find peace in knowing that He is yours.

Matthew 16: 15: He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

You are the Christ.

(Nichole Nordeman said it better than I could.  Tremble. Listen here.)

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