Tiny Disciples

I’m teaching Sunday School. I get a little nervous every week. I get anxious when the cool girls roll their eyes, but I get more nervous when I hear, “Why did Jesus say that?”

As a teacher I should be used to “high stakes testing” and unexpected teaching moments. But sitting cross-legged on a carpet on Sunday morning my heart pounds and the term “high stakes” echoes in my ears. I have explained the Trinity, the mystery of Prayer and what Prevenient Grace means without fear…..

but, these kiddos, these bright, enthusiastic faces ask me questions.

“How is that fair?” “Why did he throw the man out of party and kill him?”

“What is righteousness?”

And today I tried to explain how God invites us to His party

and ALL are invited and go home and pray for the person you want to invite to the party.

I love these tiny disciples. Because I think I am a tiny disciple. I am surviving with tiny disciplines.

I have striven for order this year and life has made it impossible. Every list, plan, or purposeful conversation I have had has exploded into something out of my control and I am struggling to keep my head above water. My Heart is in turmoil.

I can’t see what is right. I cannot determine what direction to go…. My Plan is shot.

But I know I need to run to Jesus. My Path remains the same.

I read some wise words lately that said, “make the next best step.” Do what is right, right in front of you. And explaining parables to elementary kiddos is what it is.  They say what you teach, you learn for life. While my words are not coming as frequently and eloquently as I had hoped you will find me criss-cross applesauce thanking Jesus for tiny disciples.

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