The Eve of a New Year

As a teacher, my cadence for life runs more like a child than an adult. My internal alarm never allows me to sleep beyond 6:30….or 7:00 am in the middle of July. Likewise, 9:00 PM and I am a zombie. Holidays are sacred and tonight, this EVE, is more significant than any Christmas, or New Years eve could ever be. Three hours till I lay down and the pre-school jitters have officially set in. Will I get everything DONE? Will my students like me? Will I like my students? beach pool

Tomorrow morning I will awake to an alarm clock. Shower, apply makeup with care  ,and commute for the first time since May. My absolutely lovely summer is over. For the millions of teachers out there, they know the same: the cacophony of emotions…or “all the feels” as the cool kids say. Depending on each situation, each school, each administrator, and community the wave of emotions shift from more negative to more positive.


First year teachers….God bless you. Veteran teachers…..God bless you. Those of you in the middle (like me)….. God bless you. 

G in costume

Today after we dropped the kids off at their grandparents’, driving back we discussed goals. Once again this year, despite being at the same school, I’m back in a new position and I feel not lost, but a little in the woods.

But I know my goal. It’s about perspective and attitude.


I am known for getting the job done. If something is hard I push through and do it. However, I also know the hard things could be easier if I could change the way I think.

This year’s prayer is simple.

Dear Lord,

Instead of fear in the face of the uncertain,

let me find promise in the possibilities.


To all my teacher friends please know that you weigh heavy on my heart and I will be lifting you all before the Father. Know that you are valued (despite what you may be told). Know that you are loved and that your rewards are eternal.


Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, ~ Ephesians 3:20

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