When they ask you how teaching is going….

Today I had to submit an assignment.

It went as follows:

In a paragraph with anecdotal evidence

or a chart or diagram

OR a poem or song,

Answer the following question:

Essential Question:  How does what I do in my classroom work with the characteristics of gifted/advanced learners in ____________County Schools?

I chose a poem. And a friend said I should share.

So I did.


How Teaching Goes…….

The struggle is real

I hear them say.

I hear you! I think as I smile

And remind them that “all learning is valuable.”

Every damn day

We lean into our strengths

But adapt when we need to

Because the real world will not care that I see the world through

Colors and often music too.

But I see you.

So yes, please color your picture.

How does this literature make you feel?

Annoyed, because it “does not feel valuable like the numbers and charts

You create across the hall.”

How do we argue that your feeling is valid

Can we agree to disagree?

Can we please be quiet for just one moment?

Collaboration is key—

But when you work productively.

with those that think like you

Except when we don’t

And it hurts because

Susy does not like other people

And Joe is convinced that “no one else works with excellence”

And Carmen wants world change by making everyone laugh without putting anything on paper.

And my Sheldons and Temples get overshadowed

By the Ashtons and Keishas

But make me cry when I read their essays,

And hear their hearts.

Every day a tightrope dance

An exercise in flexibility

And humility.

Can I up my game?

Will they learn,



How much I love them?



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