She was not this perky.

Yesterday I had my first experience with a door-to-door salesperson that was not affiliated with Boy Scouts. The sales pitch was misleading: “Can we demonstrate our cleaning products for a new store we are opening?” and the next thing I know, I experienced a nearly 3 hour infomercial for the Kirby in-home cleaning system.  I have to say, it put our vacuum to shame and I was definitely sold on its efficiency. I was brainstorming how we could budget to buy one, until I saw the price. This fancy vacuum can be yours today for the low low price of $2000.oo!

Now, lets think about this, two grand for a vacuum, a class and a half at grad school, NEW carpet, a years worth of my son’s school tuition or 3 months of house payments…… (this is the thought process I was going through). I was sympathetic, the poor lady cleaned my living room carpet and I told her I could not commit to that much money. She kept asking if it was the down payment, lowering it to $25 if I would just sign on the dotted line. I tried to be polite as possible as I explained, that Nathan and I simply do not make spontaneous purchases of that magnitude. If we sit on it for a month and we still need it, then we budget for it. Her catch phrase was, “It’s a small investment to protect a big investment.” I finally literally told her, “Look, we know of too many people who have lost their homes because they don’t know how to budget. And yes, as much as I’d like to have one and I want clean carpet, I’d rather have a house.”At that point the sales pitch all but stopped.

After she left I got to thinking about the word investment, and the different types  we make. Where we invest our resources, energy and time says a lot about our priorities. What investments am I making?

What frivolous items do I consistently invest my money into? Shoes and junk food. What do I consistently invest my time and energy into? Ideally: my family (children and spouse) friendships and my health, Realistically: my job, my grad school assignments and then, sleeping and thinking to much about trivial things or watching trash t.v.

So where are my priorities? Am I investing into my faith? To be truthful, not really. I attend church, hear sermons and talk about my beliefs but I haven’t picked up my Bible to study it for weeks. In the past school year, I have read 18 textbooks almost in entirety, but that amounts to all commentary and little exegetical study. Scripture is very clear about the importance of investing in our faith. By investing, I mean the ” the act of investing effort, resources, etc” (

Matthew 12:34b says, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Whatever I spend my time filling myself up with is what will inevitably spill out.  David speaks, saying,” I have hidden your word in my heart
   that I might not sin against you. “ (Psalms 119:11) I must spend more time investing in God’s word, prayer and seeking wise council. I’m good at fellowship, but maybe not so much at seeking out constructive council from spiritually wise individuals.

Not to say that their isn’t room in life for trash T.V., new shoes, junk food and silliness found in fellowship with friends or family. But let’s be truthful, our spiritual investment is the most important investment we can make. Our spiritual thermometer will gauge the temperature of everything in our life. Don’t you feel better when you’re “prayed up?” I know I do. When I take the time to spend (investment of time) just a few prayerful moments each morning, my day seems to go smoother. When I feel that I know God is with me, that I am confident of what His word says (because I JUST READ IT) I experience peace. Why would I choose to go without that? It’s a small investment to protect a big investment.

Here’s to investing wisely in my future.

One thought on “Investment

  1. I love your posts. Always get me thinking.

    I hope she did your entire carpet…! Tell her to come ’round to my house!

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