A Teacher’s Prayer

Beginning a new year at a new school can be just as scary for a teacher as it is for new students. Today, and this week, as I “start over” I will be praying for Corbin & Gabriella’s teachers and school. I will be praying for all my teacher friends. I will be praying these words over my room and my school.

Dear Lord,

Create in me a new heart of pure intent and ignite a passion in my soul so that I might be ever pleasing to you. In all my interactions this year, let me honor you.  Jesus, walk with me Lord in every hallway and classroom.  Holy Spirit, fill every crevice of my soul that when I speak it might be of you. Guard me, protect me. Come into our classroom and fight for the safety of our students. Let no evil thing pass through our doorway, and Lord, fill our classroom with a spirit of peace, creativity, and inspiration. Lord, allow our room in every way possible, to be a haven– where students can come, knowing they are cared for and learn in a safe place.

Grant me patience and help me see each student as you see them.Help me to love them as you love them, even when they are unlovable. Let it be the same for their parents. As I offer my gifts before you to honor you, Lord please bless the fruits of my labor. Allow me to teach and inspire each student I am given. If I may not teach them of Your love,  Lord help them to see it through my actions.

Lord, help me to accept criticism with grace and to honor authority even if I might not agree with outcome. Help me to remember to pray for others: teachers, principals, students and their families. 

Above all, Lord keep me humble. I am nothing! less than nothing without you Lord God. Thank you for bestowing me with the task at hand and keep me mindful to the many blessing you have already bestowed me.

In Jesus’ name, I ask these things:  (John 14:14)

AMEN (means “so be it.”)

Take a minute. It makes all the difference. What is your prayer for this new school year? What will you pray for your students, your parents, your own children and their teachers? Pray. It is the mightiest thing you can do.


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