Save a Wretch like Me….

Yesterday morning, while doing devotions with my children we talked what Maundy Thursday was, about how Jesus humbled himself and washed the feet of Judas; the man who would betray him. We talked about serving, and counting ourselves lower than others. I felt proud that my children seemed to understand why Jesus' example was so … Continue reading Save a Wretch like Me….

Pursuit of an Unrelenting Love

Friday was Valentine's Day. ¬†Yep. Again. It comes around every year and I've learned that there is no fence riding on this issue-- you either love it or hate it. You are either one of the thousands that enjoy gushing over your significant other, a crush, a friend, children, the hypothetical imaginary love that you … Continue reading Pursuit of an Unrelenting Love

Careless Words = Converstational FAIL

Perhaps I am a ..... word I am trying not to type. My more liberal friends, please forgive me. I am trying to cut back on four-letter (in this case 5) words in both my conversation and my writing. Perhaps I am hormonal..... Perhaps I am stressed.... fatigued.....overworked... and running on empty..... OR Perhaps I … Continue reading Careless Words = Converstational FAIL